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What's wrong with sprites?

2014-02-12 13:53:26 by BuchonlxD

I see that people of NG , ( a lot of them ) , hate sprite animations , Why the fuck? I don't know


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2014-02-12 14:27:01

I was kinda thinkin the same thing, I find sprite animations pretty epic myself.

BuchonlxD responds:

I found hard to anĂ­mate them too , is not just OOOOH LOOK I TAKE THIS SPRITE AND I PUT IT HERE , OOOOH HE IS WALKING, DONE , LET'S SUBMIT IT : D

no , you have to work pretty hard to do them


2014-02-12 14:34:13

Personally, I like sprite animations. But I guess some people think this should only have certain types of flash animation here, or some other sort of nonsense.


BuchonlxD responds:

I see...


2014-02-12 15:16:57

Like Stickfigures, some people may think sprites are lazy
unless you make your own sprites, pixel by pixel, theyre not going to take it that serious

BuchonlxD responds:

the same to you that I answered to chucklehuck ,


2014-02-12 15:24:04

Because of what KILLY12 said

BuchonlxD responds:

Look at ChuckleHuck's answer


2014-02-12 20:19:09

It is hard, but it is not as hard to animate as any other kind of frame by frame animation.
Not to mention that almost every sprite animation submitted here are mario, sonic or dragon ball characters fighting with annoying sounds every punch.

BuchonlxD responds:

True , dbz sounds are already old and overused


2014-05-28 06:25:59

I Don't Hate Sprite Animations I Think They R Good And It Does Take A While To Do Same As 3D Animations

BuchonlxD responds: